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I am the Founder of HOG[SCAN] which debuted in March of 2019. With decades of experience in the web development industry, I started my career when the internet was at its infancy, working at all levels in corporate software development and IT infrastructure.  I have lead teams in the development of high traffic websites, and have been deeply involved in the release of world class software.  As an avid motorcycle enthusiast and long time HOG Chapter Officer, I used my experience to elevate the the level of service for my home HOG Chapter, Sunset Chapter #1814.  With the release of HOG[SCAN], I'm making these same services available to your HOG Chapter.

If you are interested in my technical qualifications, you can find my personal resume here: https://www.eatsleepcode.com

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HOG[SCAN] is a web based software and a mobile application for HOG Chapters to help manage membership, website, ride check-ins and events.  Since our focus is on Chapters, we have designed our websites and mobile apps to be both powerful and affordable. with pricing plans starting at just $39 per month.   

We have a full stack of solutions that brings technological answers to problems faced by HOG Chapters both large and small.  We aim to develop you a beautiful, fully featured and easily managed website and mobile app that will provide a modern solution at every step.  

We are focused on providing the latest mobile applications and websites to HOG chapters.

If you are a HOG Chapter looking to get a fresh look to launching an engaging website HOG[SCAN] is here for you.



As the Webmaster of a very large HOG Chapter, I knew that I could bring technological solutions to membership management and participation tracking problems faced by our Chapter. The result, is HOG[SCAN]. 

Before HOG[SCAN], we were having a hard time on ride days. We would print a spreadsheet, that was constantly being manually updated with new members, and their HOG National expiration dates, so we could be sure our members were "current". We would manually "sign-in" riders on a piece of paper, so that we could measure attendance. At the end of the year, we would comb through all of the spreadsheets and sign-in sheets to generate reports to share with our Chapter Officers and members. With over 700 members, and up to 100+ at any given event, this whole process was labor intensive, and prone to gaps, errors and mistakes.

Considering that in the worst case scenarios, these gaps, errors and mistakes could mean liability for the Chapter and it's Officers, I decided to make a full blown suite of tools specifically designed to make HOG Chapters easier to manage.

After 2 years of prototyping and seeking feedback from other Chapters, we are making these solutions available to your Chapter!