Frequently Asked Questions

It is important to regularly update your National Expiration dates, so you can be certain that your membership data is current.  To update your National expiration dates, first download a "Membership Report" from


Next, upload the Membership Report to your Chapter website.  You can find the Roster form in the administration menu at Configuration -> HOG Chapter -> Chapter Roster.  Upload your Membership report, and click "Continue".


On the field mapping page, verify the correct field mapping.  This should be automatic, as long as there are no changes in the HOG membership reports, but it is always a good idea to double check (1).  Then, check the "Update existing records" checkbox (2). (It is not recommended to "Import new records" from the HOG Membership Report, as this report lacks email addresses for your members.) Finally, click the "Import" button to begin processing (3).  It can take a couple minutes to process the roster. 


In general, points should be like mileage, and accrue over the years.  There are reports you can run for "Points-per-period", if you want to do monthly, quarterly, or annual recognition.  If you find it absolutely necessary to reset the poitns, you can do that from the People managment page. <your domain>/admin/people

1) Select ALL members.  Use the checkbox and view button to select all members in the view. (1 & 2). Then, from the OPERATIONS menu, select "Change value" and click the Execute button (3 & 4)

2) On the Change value page, select the "Member Points" checkbox (1), set the value to zero (2) and click the Next button (3).

Once the form processes, all member point values will be reset to zero.