Product Features


HOG[SCAN] is a full stack of technolgy solutions covering multiple areas of interest.

  • Beautiful Responsive Website
  • Membership Management Tools
  • Event Management & Calendar
  • Smartphone Application (Add-on)
  • Email Campaign & List Management (Add-on)
  • SMS / Text Messaging (Add-on)


HOG[SCAN] includes a beautiful website, that is easy to update.  Easy to use editors make creating and updating content a breeze.  Blogging, image galleries and web pages are so easy to create, you might just have fun doing it.  I like to tell people that if they can post to Facebook, they can create a webpage in HOG[SCAN].  If your Webmaster has ever used the Drupal open source framework, it will be second nature.

Features include

  • Role based access permissions
  • Easy content management
  • Built in Search Engine Optimization
  • Responsive design for any device


Membership Management
When you launch HOG[SCAN] for your Chapter, you get a membership management tool specifically designed for Chapters.  You can even import your Chapter Roster from National to update expiration dates for your members.  We include all the fields that we think you will need, including membership and release expiration dates, and emergency contact information.  If you like printed membership cards, we have that.  Dynamically generated PDF files that just need to be printed and cut.  If you want to add custom fields, we can take care of that  too, with our professional services.

Features include

  • Fields designed for Member data
  • Email List Subscription Management
  • SMS Messaging to members
  • Import national roster for expiration updates
  • Printable membership cards


Event Management
What would a Chapter be without events?  With HOG[SCAN], your website calendar is given a boost!  Members can RSVP to events, and you can even review "check-ins" for your events, helping to determine trends and event popularity.  Events can be given a "point" values used in membership participation programs.  Other features for events, includes special event types, that following best practices, include disclaimers about "Open" and "Closed" events.  See the video for more details.

Features include

  • Chapters Smart event categories
  • Appropriate Chapter disclaimers
  • Repeating Events
  • Calendar Subscriptions


Smartphone Application
HOG[SCAN] gets it's name from the smartphone application!  Use the smartphone application in the field to perform member "Check-ins".  Immediately validation membership status and release dates, and keep a running list of members who have RSVP'd or checked in.  You can check members in by scanning their QR code, which can be printed on membership cards, bookmarked from their profile pages, or included on their "Virtual membership card" in their own smartphone app.  If you don't like the scan thingy, you can just look them up by name.

Price: $0.99 in the App Stores

Features include

  • Road Captains and Chapter Officers can perform "check-ins" at events (Scan, or filter by name)
  • Chapter Officers can identify newer members (visual indicators for low points)
  • Members can have a "virtual membership card" to aid in check-in
  • RSVP to events
  • View a list of checked-in members at events


Email List Management
HOG[SCAN] integrates with an Email Campaign Managment service that can enhance your membership communications.  If you are currently sending all of your Chapter communications from your personal email account... this is better.  If you are currently using Constant Contact, Mail Chimp, or another email service, save your chapter some $$.  Once you do, all of your email lists will be avilable on the member creation and edit pages, making list management a snap.

Features include

  • Email List Management
  • HTML Templates
  • Scheduled Emails
  • Surveys
  • Campaign Reports
  • Much More